Our   Mission

Maybacks Global Ent. is a growing business of many departments with two main goals.  First, aiming to revolutionize the streaming media landscape, thus venturing with Simul-TV for all of our IT needs.  Basing our pricing model on our costs instead of the industry standard, we are changing the exclusivity of television advertising. We can now offer full inventory of advertising media to a linear Network in their first phases of start up, therefor, effectively leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes. With Maybacks' vast marketing approach utilizing cross promotion, we have incorporated every aspect an entrepreneur or inventor needs to introduce their product to market.  From product development to network origination, we offer our partners every opportunity to make their business successful.  

Our   Team Cont...

David Zucker, Special Projects

David is spearheading new business development for Maybacks, and has been in the Entertainment Industry most of his life.  His creative endeavors are that of Comedy Writing and Producing.

David's many other hats he wears, besides that of his creative contributions to the Arts, include the part where Art meets Commerce; his Negotiation Skills and Guidance come from his years of experience working with the Industry Experts.  David is known for his Negotiation accomplishments, aside from his other achievement with My Jam Music Network that is globally distributed onto Top-ranked Entertainment platforms; including, but certainly not limited to, his New My Jam Music Network V2 ROKU Channel, that has up to 20 premium networks airing with A-List Star Studded movies and series 24-hours a day.  David can wear many hats in this Industry, from Actor to Manager, to Network Owner and Network Distributor. David has already begun with business development and lined up Top-rated deals before we could even "dust off his desk and get him a chair!"  He is an entrepreneur at heart and we just follow his lead. 

Karen Sundt, Production 

Karen is an experienced Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Photography, Cinematography, Avid Technology Products, and Videography, and Commercial Productions. She is a strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Arts/BA, focused in Professional Photography Motion Picture and Video; Graduating  from Brooks Institute of Photography.​

Karen has been Sr. Manager of Production for several Series, and Commercials for various Networks we have managed. Commercial productions, for clients as well as, focus on cross promotions and competing with products in the marketplace.

Karen has devoted and contributed her specific industry skills in the field of TV, film and advertising.

She is a seasoned and talented professional, and is an asset to "our team," and always welcomes her ideas and projects.

Christian has the capacity to find a whole new avenue of entertainment to be creative, if necessary. He has the ability to attract big sponsors, by introducing professional, “newly-launched upfront” events for new networks and platforms, with distribution on every level of entertainment; including online-platforms, Smart TV’s, Terrestrial TV, Connected TV and hand-held devices; promotional ideas and development that bring industry opportunities to the under-served, as well as, the elite, well-seasoned entrepreneurs, to corporate and/or governmental diplomatic, global industry executive officers, to connect and assist to achieve the main objective, where Art meets Commerce!. In the entertainment industry, Christian has proven time-after-time, for the past decade, that he can turn the path for many new start-ups, as well as, the fully well-seasoned entertainment venue, multiple opportunities and socially impactful impressions.

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