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Our advertising team will assist you with your product, or brand, to reach a regional and/or world-wide audience. We can offer low advertising costs that are, non-comparable within any competitive pricing in the television advertising industry.

Our team with top Innovators in the broadcast industry, have been instrumental for a variety of digital formats that deliver  Maybacks Global networks to millions of homes both domestic and world-wide. Our branding and marketing professionals have the relationships and the ability to bring your idea or product to market.

We also offer Channel and Network Origination; from an idea to a fully launched broadcast network with channel distribution on a variety of platform devices with both regional and international placement.

Do not let cost restrictions hold you back.  We have payment plans that can offer opportunities for you that you cannot find elsewhere. From In-house company financing to production of a product, packaging, delivering, branding, marketing, and network origination and/or channel placement, flooding the marketplace and making your product or channel, a ”house-hold” name. 

We also provide programming to help fulfill your vision, entertain your targeted audience, from partial programming insertion and/or up to 24 hours a day of programs that you can select from a list of our available library of film titles and TV shows. A majority of the  programs can be used on a back-end royalty or rev-share arrangement, and your network can continue to move forward and proliferate while building up equity and liquid assets within your company.

Our business solutions are led by experienced business and marketing professionals, that help develop companies and take products from ideas to reality with success within the competitive industry marketplace.  Maybacks' team, quantifies success and growth, as each team member has a unique talent when combined with your ideas and/or product and completes our formula for success.

Maybacks Global Ent.

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