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The guts of our business is broadcasting acquired series, films, and specials across a web of platforms; Digital, Local, VOD, and Cable with up to 44 channels, 30.3 million daily active viewers, and millions of subscribers. Our platforms cover pay per view, subscription, and free to air.


Mayback's Global develops companies and/or communities by helping them take their ideas to a marketable place that has the possibility to reach a worldwide audience across multiple platforms. In turn, providing distribution and advertising opportunities guaranteed to turn a profit. Working with hotel chains, church organizations, city youth organizations, etc. giving them the opportunity to take programming that relates to their niche for channel placement. We've been able to really excel in the business of brand marketing, working to further strengthen a brand by extending the leg of the brand into broadcasting.


To date, our company has been able to secure a catalog of thousands of films and series. We work to provide content to distributors and provide services for content retransmission; as well as utilize this content within our own telecommunications and satellite operations.  

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